Burt’s Bees ‘Pink Grapefruit’ Lip Balm

If there is something I need to curb my addiction for it is lip balms. After buying 3 of the infamous Baby Lips whilst already owning about 10 other lip balms, I fully decided not to buy anymore. That was, of course, before I saw this little gem in Boots! I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Burt Bees lipbalm’s and I just couldn’t resist when I saw one in pink grapefruit, one of my favourite scents.
For starters, this just smells incredible, fresh, fruity and completely tempting to eat it. I adore the smell and love pulling this out my bag to apply it as it’s smell is just refreshing. I love the smell, but for someone who maybe isn’t a fan of grapefruit, this is probably going to be a bit too overpowering as the taste does linger on the lips for a little while.
One of my favourite things about this is that it is 100% completely natural, which is such a plus point for me. It’s non-waxy formula contains beeswax, coconut oil, sunflower oil and obviously pink grapefruit seed oils which are rich in Vitamins E and C. Isn’t it just refreshing to read a list of ingredients that you know of and can pronounce, I personally feel much more at ease knowing exactly what’s in a product.
As for the actual lip balm? Like most lip balms I’ve used, they’re just not enough for my super dry lips that only get worse during these harsh Winter months but they are far from terrible. This balm offers me another moisture for a hour or two and helps with the pain of my cracked, dry lips but this certainly isn’t an intensive balm or enough for me to use it on it’s own. Though saying that, I carry this around in my handbag and reach for it several times during the day and it does it’s job for short term use.
It’s fresh, tastes amazing and a joy to apply and wear, ultimately, you can’t really go wrong.
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