John Frieda Frizz-Ease Range: Review*

I recently got asked to review some of the new re-vamped (ooh exciting!) Frizz-Ease products from John Frieda. I ultimately jumped at the chance because, thanks to genetics and my mothers side of the family, I do suffer from frizzy hair in it’s natural state, but mostly because, I don’t know about you, but whenever I asked about the Frizz-Ease range I heard nothing but negative reviews: It didn’t work, it was heavy, sticky and just not very good shampoo and conditioner to use. But now, the range has been revamped so I decided to give the products a whirl, the products I received were the hydrating shampoo and conditioner, smoothing creme and hair serum (original formula).
I’ll start off with the shampoo, first things first, I really liked how this lathered up. To me, there is just something really satisfying about shampoo that lathers up nice and easily and you really feel as if you’re removing all previous product and really cleansing your hair which I really liked. The smell is really pleasant as well, taking me right back to where I get my hair washed all lovely in a salon. Ok, so onto the actual product; I found that this really dried out my hair; I don’t usually suffer from a very greasy scalp naturally and my hair is already quite dry and damaged and I found this shampoo added no moisture at all and my hair felt incredibly straw like; as you can imagine, the ends look just terrible. Though saying that, it did leave my hair feeling very, very clean, which is obviously a lovely thing, but not great for an ‘everyday’ shampoo.
As for the conditioner, I felt this did pretty much the exact same as the shampoo; dried out my hair and left it feeling really quite horrible. My hair is incredibly thick and I felt like these products really weighed it down and I found it quite hard to work with and blow-dry. Though, saying that, when I use this conditioner with a different shampoo (say my purple one from John Frieda) this is actually quite nice and doesn’t dry out my hair half as much.
Next up is the hair serum, the directions on the tube instruct you to use one pump, more or less depending on your hair, but I had to use at least 8 or 8 pumps before I felt the ends of my hair were covered, one pump literally did nothing to my hair at all. What I really liked was that the serum didn’t feel at all greasy on my hands or hair and washed straight off my hands which was great! It also didn’t feel heavy on my hair and this was the first of the 3 products to show a positive result; it didn’t totally tame the frizz but it helped with some of the fly-away hairs and my ends looked a little better which is a must from me!
Last but not least is the smoothing creme! I was quite intrigued by this as I’ve personally never used anything like it so I was definitely excited to give this a whirl! You apply this on damp hair and then blow-dry it or let it dry naturally, I felt that, along with the serum, this really did help to work on the frizziness and tamed it, my hair definitely looked a lot better with this on and it felt really nice and not heavy on my hair at all. Though, when used with the shampoo and conditioner, this didn’t make a lot of noticeable difference.
So overall, the Frizz-Ease range left me stuck in the middle. The shampoo & conditioner I ultimately wouldn’t recommend, my hair was left in horrible condition, it was dry, straw like and hard to manage and I didn’t notice any difference to the crazy frizziness that lives on top of my scalp. But the serum and smoothing creme I would definitely recommend, these products really did work and perfectly together, left me feeling as if I hadn’t put any product on my hair and did help calm down my frizziness. I was left really pleased by these two products and would definitely go out and buy myself but personally? I wouldn’t touch the shampoo and conditioner ever again.

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