Rimmel 023 ‘Beauty Spells’ Glam Eyes Palette || My Favourite Go-To Palette

Hello there lovelies! Today, I thought I would tell you all about my current go-to eyeshadow palette. I’ve decided to get more into wearing eyeshadow every make-up wearing day (where applicable of course) just to broaden my skills & to shake it up a little bit. At first, I tried to be really experimental with different colours but there is just one palette I seem to just keep picking up and using on a daily basis.

The palette is from Rimmel London ‘Glam Eyes’ eyeshadow range. I have another one of these as well, I really like them! Perfect size to just chuck (or put down carefully…) in your makeup bag and come with 4 (or 3) eye shadows that compliment each other really well. The one I’m talking about today is number 023 or ‘Beauty Spells’ which consists of 4 colours, a shimmery purple, a matte purple-brown colour (I am literally lost at describing eyeshadow colours..), a glittery silver and a glittery black as well.

Personally, I really only use the two purple colours as I don’t like the fact that there is glitter in the black (would look fabulous on a night out though!) and I just haven’t really used the silver yet. But, the two pruples? They look so good together and I’ve always been told purple colours suit brown eyes. What I love most about this though, is that this palette allows you to create (and get used to) a really lovely smokey eye but which is perfect for daytime as the colours can be quite faint.

The pigmentation for some of the colours isn’t great which is a massive shame but I can still work with the colours well enough to create the desired effect so it’s not too much of a problem but obviously, if Rimmel were to re-work these, pigmentation is something they would really have to improve. Another issue is the shimmer fall-out, I make sure if I wish to wear these, I will apply these first before even foundation so the shimmer can fall onto my skin and I can just cover/remove it with foundation. That is literally my biggest problem with this shadows.

But apart from that, I really like this! It’s affordable and has some beautiful colours in to which allowed me to try this colours (I wouldn’t of even had thought to pick up purple before) and allows me to experiment with all four colours! The packaging is great as well, perfect size and really sturdy! Yay for great packaging!

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