One Direction Kiss You Lipsticks: ‘I Wish’ || Review

As you may, or may not for that matter, know, MUA (Make Up Academy) have teamed up with the wonderful One Direction and put together a makeup range. The collection offers fans and makeup lovers alike 5 lipsticks, 5 lip tints, 5 nail polishes and 3 blush stick thingys. I decided to just settle with purchasing the lipsticks (sadly, nothing else excited me enough to buy more even with my lovers on all the products…) as not only do I love One Direction *sssshhh* the colours looked surprisingly interesting! I picked up all 5 and will be reviewing them one by one.
Let’s talk about the packaging first, now, I typically think that the lipstick packaging from MUA’s permanent collection looks quite cheap anyway so I didn’t expect any different from these; they look a little cheap and maybe even a little tacky, with ‘Kiss You’ running up the side but looking at the actual bullet itself, that is the only thing which would connect you with One Direction. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the packaging, but I don’t really like it either. When you remove the lid, you see the silver rim which has the boys signature on it. This, is actually a really nice touch in my opinion, the autograph’s look nice and fit in well with the silver packaging, it also gives fans a more personal touch when it comes to the boys, I guess. On the actual lipstick, you have small X’s and O’s and on the very top of the bullet, you have the One Direction logo, similar to Tom Ford lipsticks, I guess you could say.
On first thoughts… sadly, the One Direction logo literally disappears the first swatch/moment you use it, which is a shame. I would of preferred it to last at least 2-3 uses but nope, it was completely gone after one. This is a really pretty bubblegum pink with blue undertones and one of my favourite out of the lot. This is perfect to be worn during the day (if you’re brave enough!) and at night as well, it really stands out and brightens up your whole complexion. I was pleasantly surprised when I felt just how creamy this was. This applied onto the lips amazingly and felt really soft.
Though, I did find that after a while this one stuck onto the dry patches on my lips thus resulting in it fading unevenly, I also needed to reapply quite often as this just didn’t last very long but it’s such a lovely colour, I don’t mind re-applying to reach it’s desired look; I love it!
Overall, the colour of this totally blows me away, a beautiful bright pink which is creamy when first applied. Why this felt a little dry on the lips, it’s nothing a scrub and a little lipbalm won’t fix but the colour is just so pretty you won’t mind that little extra hard work!
Well, Zayn, you’ll be happy to know ‘I Wish’ is definitely a winner for me! I just wish that you would of been the one to personally have delivered it… now that would of been nice!
The One Direction ‘Kiss You’ Lipstick in ‘I Wish – Zayn’ is available from Superdrug and retails at £3.00. It should be on the MUA website very soon, though… I have no idea when, MUA, give us a date please?!

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