Maybelline Baby Lips ‘Intense Care’

Ahh, the exact moment when the Maybelline ‘Baby Lips’ became available online only at Boots, bloggers and their sisters, mothers, friends all ran with such excitement to the nearest area with the strongest wifi holding their credit card with such grip, adrenaline running through their bodies. Ok, so maybe that whole sentence wasn’t exactly true, but the beauty blogger world did go into some sort of meltdown thanks to these little lip balms. They’ve had tons of attention, but are the ‘Baby Lips’ really worth all the hype?

After finally seeing some in stock in Boots, (even though the girl who managed to get the stand before me was picking up quite a few), I decided to pick up just two of the Baby Lips range, after all, I didn’t want to purchase all of them if I didn’t like them. I will admit, here and now, that I have a slight obsession with lip balm’s. I annoyingly suffer with incredibly dry lips, the bleeding and painful type *gross*, and sadly, not much seems to work in order to heal them and keep them moisturised, so naturally I was going to be sceptical when it come to these. The first one I picked up was ‘Intense Care’ which claims to moisturise and protect for up to 8 hours. 
First off, the packaging. Oh, don’t you just love it? I love anything colourful and fun and these are just it! The bright pop of colour just makes me feel that little bit happier and I just love how these look. In fact, the assortment of colours reminded me of a colourful candy shop… so tempting and eye catching. The lid seems to really stay on so I have no worries or hesitance when it comes to chucking this in my bag even though the packaging feels quite cheap. This isn’t actually a problem though as you only pay £2.99 for these and the packaging seems sturdy enough.
As for the actual lip balm, does it work? Well, yes. But for short term use. The first time I used this, I applied this just before bed and had high exceptions to wake up in the morning without painfully dry lips, sadly, there was no difference. But when I applied this before lipstick and other times, for instance, just when I feel my lips are really dry, this really does work to straight away combat the dryness without feeling horribly sticky or heavy on the lips. So, whilst this doesn’t offer you amazing results, for £2.99, this is a really nice, quick and easy product. This also has a really nice fresh scent as well, which is hardly detectable, so if you’re not a fan of strongly scented products (like me) this will be great for you. 
Overall, I’m really enjoying using this Baby Lips at the moment. It helps sort out my dryness if and when I need it and feels really nice and smooth on the lips. But, like me, if you’re looking for something that offers you loads of moisturising or something that really works to combat the dryness for longer, then maybe the ‘Baby Lips’ range isn’t for you, but for £2.99, it’s worth every penny!
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