MAC Vanilla Pigment || Review!

Just a short while a go I reviewed the MAC Skin Finish in ‘Soft and Gentle’ and if you read the review, you would know just how much I adored this product. After finding victory with the face highlighter, I then went onto the search to find the perfect eye highlighter, so the inner corner and just below the brow. Not necessarily important but ‘sculpting’ my face with bronzer and highlighter is becoming a permanent fixture in my routine so I wanted the perfect highlighter to go along with my eye make up.

So, welcome MAC Vanilla pigment! I’ve read and heard so many fantastic reviews on this little pot of glittery magic-ness so when I just happened to find myself in my nearest MAC store, I went straight ahead and picked it up. The first thing I love about this is that it’s a multi-purpose product. Need to highlight your brow bone and inner corner? This is perfect! Cheekbones? Check. Jawbone? Check. Eyeshadow? Double-check. This really isn’t a product that has one use; this is just beautiful as an eye-shadow but like mentioned, perfect for highlighting.

This is just such a gorgeous colour; I could stare at this all day in fascination. This is filled with tiny particles of silver and white glitter with a beautiful gold undertone. It goes onto the skin so smooth and really easy to blend and work with, it also stays put all day which is an absolutely must when you’re working with glitter and highlighter. This literally doesn’t budge so you won’t find odd patches of glitter slowly sliding down your face. As well, this isn’t ‘crazy glittery’ like disco-ball, in your face, type glitter (if used probably). You literally need the tiniest bit for this to work but even if you do go overboard a quick swish of a blending blush with quickly fix that to give you a perfect radiance which is simply stunning. I really recommend this if you’re looking for your perfect highlighter and along with ‘Soft & Gentle’, this is a complete staple in my make-up bag!

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