Benefit Erase Paste || Review!

I always feel that a good concealer is not only hard to find, but a absolute essential in every girl’s make-up bag. After searching long and hard for that perfect concealer, I think I may have just found it! Give a  warm welcome to Erase Paste! This is the concealer I always recommend to people and they always ask me why, so here is a lovely-jubbly blog post explaining all the reasons why I really enjoy using Erase Paste.

First off, the packaging. The way Benefit package and present their products has always been a favourite of mine, the cute designs, names and overall look of the product, I just love it. Yes, of course the actual product and what it does and how it works is a lot more important, but Benefit really know that the product needs to look just as good as it’s meant to work in order to get people attracted to it. This comes in a smallish pink and purple tube with a screw top lid. Inside the tub you get 4.40g of product which will literally last you ages, I’ve been using mine most days for months now and there is still so much in the tub, you only need the smallest bit to conceal dark circles and blemishes. 
Now, the recommended instructions that come with Erase Paste suggest to use the spatula that also comes with it to apply to the back of your hand and then blend onto needed areas. Honestly? The spatula is pants and just not worth the hassle. I found that I always scooped up to much onto the back of my hand and either ended up wasting the product or looking a tad strange with it caked up all under my eyes. I personally recommend just using a clean finger to apply the product to wherever it is needed, and then using a small brush to blend it into the skin.
What I love about this concealer is the creamy consistency and the really soft texture. It’s so incredibly easy to blend in to your skin and doesn’t tug or pull on your skin when you’re trying to blend it in. It feels really soft and smooth on your skin and after you apply it, you feel like you’re not wearing anything. Another good property about this, is that is actually salmon toned. (I am speaking about the shade I have, No.1 Fair). If you didn’t already know, a salmon toned concealer is well known to really cancel out the dark circles. 
This is quite a thick concealer, but like mentioned before it’s creamy and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin meaning that it really does offer you really good coverage; it really does banish those pesky dark circles and works a treat on spots and blemishes. I know that I don’t have to worry about reapplying this throughout the day as it just stays put on your skin; even longer if you set with powder, which is just perfect. Despite the fact that it is thick, surprisingly this doesn’t settle into any fine lines you may have nor does it crease, and it really does do a good job of brightening the area up under my eyes, which is a must personally for me. 
Overall, this is my favourite concealer I have personally ever tried and it’s what works the best and amazingly for me. The only complaint I have about this product is the price tag, this is a whopping £19.50 which seems almost crazy for concealer and considering it is quite small, but I personally don’t mind paying this as it really works for me and lasts me absolute ages. A massive winner for me! Boom!

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