Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturiser

This little green can of goodness seems to be every blogger and their mums best friend at the moment and I can definitely see why! Moisturising is a must when it comes to every girls (and boys!) skin routine and if I say so myself, I love the after effects of applying a good moisturiser. Vaseline Spray & Go body Moisturiser is everything it says on the can! All you have to do is spray the moisturiser all over your body (or wherever you would like to be moisturised!) then rub in! Ta-da. Simple. Done.

The spray gives you a really light layer to work with, but it’s more than enough and you simply rub it in and you’re given lovely soft skin that isn’t sticky or greasy at all. You can literally carry on with your day and get dressed straight away after applying this with no hassle or awkwardly walking around trying to get it into the skin. This offers just enough moisture for me for about a day, (I have quite dry skin) before I have to apply whereas my normal thicker moisturiser allows me to go a few more days without having to apply again.

This has a lovely fresh scent, leavse your skin feeling soft and it’s easy and quick. Perfect for a quick fix me up but don’t be throwing away your normal moisturisers yet as this, I’d say, is all its perfect for; a quick fix. It’s lovely and well worth the £4.99 it retails and is perfect for just chucking in your bag or on the side ready to get dressed in the morning.

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