Seascape Island Apothecary Refresh Hand Lotion* || Review

I’ve been quite lucky really and I’ve never really suffered with the curse of dry hands so needing to use a hand cream has never really been necessary for me. But, saying that, recently I’ve found I have some dry patches on my hands, (many thanks to the several cleaning products we have to use at work) so when I was asked to review the Seascape Island Apothecary Refresh Hand Lotion, I jumped at the chance in hope to help my dreaded dry patches.

On first views, the packaging is lovely! It has a seahorse floral design on the front which every Seascape product has on it which fits in perfectly with the calming aura they seem to be fronting. The box it arrives in is beautifully and simply presented and inside is a whopping 300ml bottle with a pump making applying it easy and avoids you getting the lotion everywhere.
The lotion contains 100% natural essential oils including Lavender, Lemongrass and Shea Butter to soothe, refresh and add moisture. It advises you to massage a small amount on to the hand; which is exactly what I did but straight away I got hit with a strong, Lavender scent which, sadly, put me off the product straight away. I’ve never had a problem with the scent of Lavender before, it’s a lovely smell, but this was just too strong and too musky. As well, it smell ‘stuck’ to my hand for at least half hour after I applied it meaning that whatever I touched I could smell it and whenever my hands were close to my face, I could smell it. 
As for the actual cream; it is moisturising and does a good job of making your hands feel a lot nicer and just clean and fresh. The only problem I had, which is a problem I have with most hand creams, is that this stayed ‘wet’ for a little while on the hands so it’s not exactly a quick lotion that you can apply and quickly get on with whatever you’re doing.
Overall, this wasn’t my favourite and I can’t say I’ve been using it it loads. The smell is just too strong and the lotion takes too long to absorb. It is moisturising and it does do the trick; so if you don’t mind the smell and can wait a little while for this to absorb, then you’ve got a winner on your hands, it’s just whether this is right for you!
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