MAC Creme Cup Lipstick || Review

MAC Creme Cup is just one of those lipsticks that every lipstick obsessed (or MAC obsessed) lovers just wish for and love. It’s not unusual for Creme Cup to be on every girl’s beauty wish list and I know as it was sure as pie on mine. Described as your ‘perfect pink nude’, Creme Cup is a soft, pale blue pink which goes perfectly alongside any and every skintone making it extremely versatile. It’s not too bright and in your face, (think Viva Glam Nicki and Lady Gaga), it’s very wearable yet buildable if you want more of a stronger colour.

This has the creme sheen finish, which admittedly isn’t my favourite of them all as I find this really picks up on any dryness of the lips and makes them stand out like BAM but if you scrub and/or wear a lipbalm before applying, it usually glides on quite easily. Though, saying that, this does have a creamy texture and finish and it isn’t drying at all after being applied. I say this is the perfect lazy girls or quick finish lipstick has it has enough shine and gloss meaning you can skip applying any lipgloss on top of it and what’s best that it isn’t sticky and of course, is very pigmented, so you have all the benefits of wearing a gloss without actually wearing one!

As for staying power, like all the lipsticks with creme sheen finish, this typically lasts for about an hour or two, less so if you’re drinking and/or eating often as this will literally slide right off of your lips. But when it does fade, it doesn’t leave your lips with dry patches (unless you had them before) nor does it leave any residue on your lips meaning it’s easy to re-apply and with it’s beautiful colour and legendary MAC Vanilla scent, why would you not want to?

As for the colour of this, I just love it. It’s so soft and just the perfect, light pink for everyday wear yet stands out amazingly when paired with an intense smokey eye. If you’re wondering whether to buy this or Hue by MAC, as I know the two are regularly compared and somewhat similar, Creme Cup is the more pinky of the two and I’d say that Creme Cup has slightly more pigmentation than Hue and is also more wearable; so if you can’t pull of Hue, I wouldn’t cross Creme Cup off your list, as there are quite big differences between the two.

Ultimately, Creme Cup is my new favourite MAC lipstick (sorry Hue!) and my go-to for everyday wear. It’s a beautiful colour, easy to wear and goes with any kinda look you’re going for. What more could I possible ask for?

MAC Creme Cup lipstick retails for £15.

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