MAC Chatterbox

It’s a very rare moment when I purchase a MAC lipstick and dislike it which is why I had faith in purchasing Chatterbox knowing that it wasn’t typically ‘my sort of colour’. But boy oh boy, am I glad I had faith in this baby!

MAC Chatterbox is described as bright, red-pink and has a amplified finish to it. It is definitely in your face but surprisingly easy to pull off both day and night and is, I’d say, the perfect entrance point in the journey and adventure of ‘bright’ lipsticks. Though it is bright, it certainty doesn’t fall into the neon category, think ‘Viva Glam Nicki’ and ‘Vegas Volt’, which is what makes it easy and ‘safe’ to wear during the day.

Like mentioned, this has the amplified finish formula and this is one of my favourite MAC finishes; it promises you strong pigmentation, shine and hours of wear. And Chatterbox really brings you all of this! Amplified lipsticks aren’t 100% a matte finish; they do have some shine but they are in no way glossy or really creamy. This isn’t drying at all and applies nice and evenly on the lips meaning you avoid the lipstick fading unevenly and leaving dry residue on your lips.

I’d say this gives you about 3 hours of perfect wear before this starts to fade; though, it does almost stain your lips a little, so it never completely goes. As with all MAC lipsticks this has the wonderful vanilla scent and the typical rounded bullet.

Overall, I really love this lipstick. The colour is beautiful; almost a plum pink which I really like and the finish is my favourite. A massive winner from me!

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