Essie ‘To Buy or Not To Buy’ Polish | REVIEW!

I’ve never actually purchased as Essie Nail Polish before! The simple reason being the price and the fact I don’t have the nicest nails to paint. Though, I recently came runner-up in a competition and this Essie Polish, ‘to buy or not to buy’ was one of my prizes.
On first thoughts, the colour is just so beautiful; a lovely lilac colour with tiny blue and silver glitter speckles. The brush is really good size; thick enough to cover your whole nail easily but not too thick making the job messy and hard. This colour did apply rather sheer, but that was something I was expecting as I’ve heard this so much about Essie polishes. Sadly, the blue and silver speckles didn’t translate onto the nails and it was really hard to see them, which is a massive shame as the duo would of looked just simple stunning alongside the lilac, as they do in the bottle.
My only real issue with this polish is the drying time; even with my Sally Hansen quick drying topcoat, this took forever, therefore I had actually managed to ruin them before they were dry, sadly.
Will I purchases another Essie polish? Hmm, I doubt it. Whilst the colour and packaging is lovely, this just didn’t wow me at all and I found better results in the £1 MUA polishes (which have similar packaging). Sorry Essie!
Essie ‘To Buy or Not to Buy’ is available from Boots and retails at £7.99

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