Benefit “That Gal” Face Primer | REVIEW

Waaaaaaay back at Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive one of those gift sets with cute, little Benefit samples and goodies in and the ‘That Gal’ brightening face primer was one of those goodies!

This face primer claims to make skin feel smoother and look brighter and contains raspberry and chamomile to soothe the skin and then sweet almond and algae extract to retain moisture. I had been literally looking for a face primer for when I really want my foundation etc to last and the description of this just massively fit the bill.

As for actual results? I’m happy to say that I’ve noticed that this really does brighten up my complexion and gives a really fresh, dewy finish; even with foundation on top. It gives off a lovely glowing base that is perfect not only under foundation or BB cream, but can be worn alone easily; giving the illusion that you literally have flawless skin. It’s so incredibly light on your skin and it’s not greasy at all. Another thing I love about this is that is ever so slightly strawberry scented which is obviously a really fresh, fruity smell and really helps to wake up your skin.

I tend to mix this is in with my foundation to save time before I apply on the skin for more everyday use  and I find that no matter how I apply it (before or with foundation) it helps apply my foundation really smoothly and evenly and gives off such a nice dewy, radiant finish with a lovely glow.

This feels ever so slightly soft on the skin but I literally cannot feel it which is why I love wearing it if I don’t want to wear foundation as it’s just so light and doesn’t feel velvety or strange which I felt the Porefessional did.

I’ve found that my foundation stays on a little bit longer, not amazing amounts or anything, but it always manages to stay on for as long as I need it too, after all, I don’t ever need my makeup to stay on 24 hours.

Overall, this is such a good primer in terms of finish; it is brightening, just as Benefit claims and it really does help your skin give off a lovely glow and fresh look. I really love it and as soon as this sample runs out (it’s getting close) I will be straight off going to purchase the full sized bottle!

Benefit’s “That Gal” Brightening Face Primer can be purchased from BenefitCosmetics and retails at £22.50

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