What’s in my Makeup Bag?

If there is one thing I love, it’s reading nosey posts, I love seeing what’s in people’s handbags, their makeup bags, what apps they have, what their bedrooms look like; I love it! So to fuel all my nosey readers (it’s ok, this is a safe place to admit it) here is the goodies that are currently in my makeup bag! I switch up my daily makeup a lot; my problem is that I get bored too easily and try something else, only to go back to what I originally had but these items here have been my firm favourites for a while now and all have a solid place in my makeup bag! Anyways… on with the show!
First off, the makeup bag! This absolutely adorable, ‘I just had to have it’ bag is from Primark. I’d been looking for a cute and good-sized makeup bag for a while and whilst this wasn’t what I had in mind; at just £4 I literally couldn’t resist it. It’s the perfect size if you only have a few daytime essentials or if you’re travelling and just need to chuck a few things in. Though, if this makeup bag is too small for you or you don’t need a new one, they also have this in a tablet case if you’re iPad needs a new travel home! Puuuurrrfect.

First up is my Maybelline BB Cream, honestly? I never jumped on the bandwagon (or understood, really) the whole BB, CC, DD, FF cream hype, (ok I know DD and FF cream do not exist… yet) they claimed to wonders to your skin but I didn’t really read many good reviews. But, saying that, a little over a year ago now I want a light, fresh and dewy foundation for Summer months and this little gem offered me all of that. I can’t say that I’ve noticed really any of the BB ‘benefits’ but, overall, this is a good little foundation if you want something a little lighter. I usually just used my loved to almost death Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply this and then, to make sure it’s really blended, I just use my fingers (grubby, I know!) to blend it out!

I then have Benefits Erase Paste for concealer. This is perfection in a pot for me. This is definitely a heavy concealer meaning it really covers up blemishes and dark circles really well but it’s still incredibly creamy meaning it’s easy to work with and blend, there’s nothing I hate more than a hard concealer that just cakes onto your face!

For my eyebrows, I use Benefits Brow Zings as I absolutely love the wax in this; it’s creamy and really helps not only to shape your brow, but to help the powder stay on mostly all day. Annoyingly, the women in Benefit matched my colour up wrongly and I got given this in light whereas my eyebrows are very clearly dark so I have to use Sleek’s Storm Palette and the dark matte brown colour in it to fill them in. The shadow is really pigmented and isn’t chalky so this is such a perfect shade to fill in your eyebrows with.

I still believe that I look somewhat dreadful with eyeliner on, I can’t do it for the life of me and it makes my eyes look smaller but it’s still something I can’t help but pick up everyday. My go to look with eyeliner is a simple cat eye flick type thing and I achieve this easily with the Topshop Gel Liner which is creamy, easy to work with and one of my favourite things I’ve ever picked up from the Topshop makeup line! To finish off the eye area, I apply my new favourite mascara, No.7’s Exquisite Curl and I’m usually good to go. I don’t really tend to wear any eyeshadow day-to-day as I simply just don’t have to time to do it so the eyeliner and mascara is enough for me!

My current go-to blush is the new lovely Bourjois Cream Blush in 02. I can’t get over just how perfect this is; I adore cream blush; it’s easy to wear and gives you a lovely dewy finish and this shade is literally the perfect summer shade for a little healthy glow to the cheeks; I usually just apply this with my Real Techniques Contour Brush making sure to really blend it out.

Finally, for my lip products I’m currently using these two amazing things! First is the MAC Prep+Prime Lips, this ultimately wasn’t a product I didn’t think much of… till I started to use it! This makes applying lipstick, any lipstick, just like a dream and it really does make them laster longer throughout the days; one of my happiest and successful purchases yet! I’ve been currently teaming it with the Revlon Colour Stay Suede Lipstick in ‘High Heels’. This is just perfect for a quick dash of colour on the lips that lasts and is really creamy and moisturising! Lovely job!
So, there we have it! Everything that is currently in my makeup bag! Let me know what your current favourite product in your make up bag is!
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