Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Review!

The Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lip Colours have been around for a little while and I thought I’d pick one up as it seemed perfect for Summer when you just want some light moisturising on the lips and a dash of colour. And guess what? These lived up to my expectations massively! 
I picked up ‘High Heels’ which is a light pale pink, it almost reminds me somewhat of Creme Cup by MAC, just a tiny bit darker. There is also a tiny bit of shimmer running throughout it but it doesn’t transfer onto the lips (don’t worry, I don’t get it either).
These are quite creamy and I’ve read online that they contain Shea butter which as anyone knows is really moisturising and light and almost seems perfect in a lip product like these. If you’re looking for a strong, matte pigmented colour then these are definitely not for you. They have a ‘suede’ finish so they are no where near matte finish, but I wouldn’t say they’re glossy either. Think ‘Lip Butter’ but less pigmented and heavy on the lips. They offer a little bit of colour that doesn’t last too long but they’re not meant to last ages, though, with them being as moisturising as they are, I don’t mind reapplying these throughout the day.
I really like the tube they come in; pretty and feels sturdy enough to let it roll around in your bag. They have clear lids so you can see the actual product and the packaging is a similar colour to what the product is. It’s also quite small so it easily fits into your make-up bag or handbag for your travels!
I think these are perfect for just a pop of colour throughout these summer months; maybe for on the beach or those days where you just want something a bit lighter. These will set you back £8.99 but with them being as cute as they are… who can resist?

What do you think? Do you prefer brighter or lighter shades?
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