B.Pure Micellar Water Review

My skin had been craving something light and easy and my Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish just wasn’t working for me, I ventured the aisles of Superdrug and found the B.Pure Micellar Water. I’d never actually heard of Micellar water before but, as the bottles says, it claims to be a..
‘Quick and easy 3 in one cleanser that dissolved impurities in a single sweep, no water required’.
 Ultimately, it sounded perfect and this baby wasn’t too pricey so I popped it straight in my shopping bag. My skin hates heavy products and that’s what I love about this; it’s just essentially water with added goodness! It’s fresh, non-oily feels amazing on the skin and it really leaves your skin feeling washed, cleaned and ‘light’. It really does refresh your skin which feels amazing in these Summer months and you can thank the cucumber juice extract for that! It’s also gentle enough to use around my eyes, another part of my face which is incredibly sensitive so again this is just perfect.
 It also claims to restore pH balance whilst keeping the skin supple and removes impurities. I’ve definitley noticed whilst using this that the redness in my skin has gone down quite a lot; something I was really having problems with. As for spots? I haven’t noticed much difference really but I use tree tea oil for those anyways, I wouldn’t expect this to do everything!
When it comes to makeup removal, this isn’t the best, sadly and you will need to use another product if you wear a lot of makeup. What I like to do with this is use a make-up wipe/removed to remove as much makeup as it can and just use this (with just a cotton pad) and remove the rest off – this really picks up those pesky bits that choose to just sit on your skin and I was quite surprised with just how much makeup was left on my skin despite looking as if I had removed it all.
I use this both morning and night; it’s perfect to use in the morning to wake up and refresh your skin and gives a perfect base before applying moisturiser and foundation and at night it’s great for removing those last bits of makeup and leaving you refreshed before bed!
I really love this product and I really do recommend it. I just wish this was a little bigger, it’s incredibly easy to use this up so if you know you like this, maybe pick up two bottles at a time? But, it’s cheap (£4.99 from Superdrug), cheerful, beneficial and actually works… what more could we want?

So, there you have it! Have you tried anything from the B.Pure range yet?
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