What I’m Loving This Week…. Fudge Hairspray!

Today, I thought I would talk about one of my favourite products I’ve brought recently so this fitted perfectly as ‘what I’m loving this week’ as I have literally used this non-stop.
And what is said product, I hear you say? It’s Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Strong Hold Hairspray, (I give you permission to take a break after that!). Fudge was actually a brand I have never heard of before, they specialise in haircare and that’s something I’ve only really got into recently but, I’ve been looking online at their purple shampoo so when, the other day, I saw their hairspray in Superdrug, I got myself rather excited.
Now, for someone who curls their hair 60% of the time, I need a hairspray with strong hold. I hate putting heat on my overly-bleached hair so a really good hairspray is just essential. But, I really hate the smell of hairspray, it makes me feel unbelievably sick and I just can’t seem to deal with it so I’ve been using a cheap, non-smelly one from Superdrug which sadly, was just doing nothing apart from making my hair sticky so I’ve been looking around for a hairspray which worked and was Abbi’s-nose friendly.
What I love about this is the bottle! It’ just bright, colourful and just looks amazing sitting on your shelf! It’s so eye-catching and I just love it, orange and pink just go so well together and really suits the ‘Urban-Vibe’ Fudge are going for here. As for the hairspray itself, it is really good. The hold is amazing, my curls and styles have been lasting for a lot longer, it’s not sticky and I never really feel the hairspray in my hair, which is just such a bonus for me. It holds, it lasts and it works.
But, my favourite thing about this hairspray is the smell! It’s amazing! Fudge aren’t exaggerating when they say the scent is raspberry and vanilla, it really is. The smell is just soo nice and welcoming and it’s a joy to have it on my hair which is so close to my nose. It doesn’t last all day but that’s fine as I’m not too bothered about that. But the scent is light, fruity and simple. It’s not too strong and offending, it’s just right. 
This is just a really lovely hairspray and for such a cheap price as well, I think I paid around £3 for this in Superdrug which is really good at the bottle itself is massive and you get 290ML of product. It also claims to have anti-frizz properties but I haven’t noticed any difference myself but I literally cannot fault this hairspray! I just love it and the packaging is just amazing, right?!
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