Topshop Lipsticks!

Topshop is one of my favourite ‘go to’ brands for lipstick. The packaging is cute as, the formula is amazing and the price is very Abbi friendly. In fact, these are my favourite lipsticks after Mac, I can’t keep chucking £14 away regularly for a Mac Lipstick so these are a perfect seconds best at just £8. So, today, I thought I’d talk about the 5 Topshop lipsticks I own, so, I hope you enjoy!

♥ Brighton Rock:

I brought Brighton Rock only a few weeks ago; the colour seemed lovely, everyone raved about it and I’m (hopefully) going to Brighton Uni in September so it all seemed very fitting but sadly, when I got home and tried this, it just didn’t seem to go with my skintone at all. It looked dreadful on me, which I don’t know why as on everyone else it seemed to look amazing?! Apart from that though, this is one of the old formulas (Topshop changed their formulas shortly after they released they’re first permanent line – they weren’t the best!) so I find this a little bit streaky and drying; although it’s just a pain, both problems are easily fixable and not too much hassle! Hopefully, I’ll get more wear out of this and work out how it works for me in Summer as it’s such a lovely colour!

♥ Macaroon:

Macaroon is just a perfect pinky coral and I think it’s my favourite out of the bunch. I love this colour, it’s a coral colour (like mentioned) but it’s not too bright so it’s still completely wearable and it’s a coral that I think suits all skin tones. Also, what I love about this is that it’s build-able, I much prefer it lighter on my lips but if I want a stronger, more brighter colour then it’s easily achievable. I would make sure to apply a balm under this though as I find it’s one of the more drying ones out of the lot.

♥ Satorial:

This was a colour I picked out on a whim and I wondered when I got home if I even liked it after purchasing and at first, I didn’t. It’s a orangey-red colour but more on the orange side and I just couldn’t make it work at all. Soon though, after pure determination, I tried different things and I’ve found that applying it really lightly gives off a better look for me, but just like Macaroon, this can be easily built up as well if you’d prefer the bright colour. The colour is just so pretty & perfect for Summer. I can imagine this looks amazing with a tan! The formula of this one isn’t as drying as say Macaroon so this is great for people who suffer from really dry lips!

♥ Secret Admirer:

This is a beautiful peach toned pink and one of my favourites out of the group. This is perfect to add a dash of colour to your lips and looks incredible paired with a smokey eye. But, I also love this with a black winged liner and a simple pink colour on the cheeks; it goes perfectly well. This colour isn’t as buildable but it really doesn’t need to be. Such a lovely pink colour which I think looks amazing on paler people as on really tanned people this may be a little too light but I love this.

♥ Pillow Talk:

Pillow talk is essentially Secret Admirer but it’s more pinky and the formula, I personally think, is a little better. This is really creamy compared to Secret Admirer (which isn’t even that drying) and Macaroon. This colour is the perfect pale, pretty pink and again, goes perfectly with a heavy eye. This is one of those colours that is great for everyday wear as it’s a lovely, simple, soft colour and like I said before, it’s creamy making it not a nuisance on the lips. This was my first shade I picked from Topshop and I still love and adore it to this day; it’s very wearable and just lovely. Spiffing. 

So there we have it! My little review and summery of each lipstick. If you haven’t tried Topshop lippies before or was trying to work out a shade to buy; I hope I helped you out, even just a little!
Please let me know if you like these sort of posts as I’m planning to do one for my Mac lipstick as well sooooo let me know!

I hope you all enjoy your bank holiday weekend! 🙂

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