Bobbi Brown ‘Bikini Pink’ Lipstick

I’ve never tried anything from Bobbi Brown before despite wanting so desperately to try their concealer and corrector but my first Bobbi Brown product, *drum roll please* was a lipstick! Yes, surprise surprise! I just cannot get enough of them!
I choose ‘Bikini Pink’ as this seemed like such a perfect nude pink for everyday use and would also go amazingly with a smokey eye and that’s just it! This reminds me of a matte version of ‘Hue’ by Mac, so if you’re not a fan of Hue’s formula, this may be worth looking into. This colour just screams spring and is just so perfect for a soft, nude look. The formula is creamy and light making it easy and a joy to apply but the finish is actually matte, which I wasn’t expecting but I love nonetheless. I’m a matte finish girl at heart so this was just perfect but whats even better is that is’t drying at all. I’m seriously lazy and normally forget or skip putting a lip balm on before lipstick, so if a lipstick is drying, I’ll definitely get the brunt of it but the creaminess lasts on the lips. This is just the perfect combination of creaminess and matte, why can’t all lipsticks be like this?!
Another benefit is that it’s non-sticky, I hate it when lipsticks dry up and go all sticky and not nice and almost make it unbearable to eat and drink because you know you’re going to get stuck to it. But with this, you almost can’t feel it on the lips and I regularly forget that it’s there. It’s also scent free as well which is great as I hate scented face products as they make me feel a little bit sickly. The packaging is really nice and sleek and I always feel a bit special in public when I pull this out to apply it!
The only con to this lipstick is the price, this retails at £18 which if you compare to Mac lipsticks, is a crazy price for something as simple as a lipstick. But this is a perfect gift for a lippy lover and perfect for if you want to treat yourself, which, we all love to do time to time, right?!
Overall, I love this lipstick and it just ticks every box for me; creamy, matte; good pigmentation and lasts for hours. What more do I want?! 🙂

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