Benefit’s Lemon-Aid

When the lovely staff at Benefit first showed me this product, I didn’t think I’d be walking away with it in my bag! On first views I was like ‘what on earth is that bright yellow thing and why are you putting this on my face?!’ but after using it there and then, it’s safe to say this has become apart of my every day  makeup routine.
Lemon-aid is a colour correcting eyelid primer. The yellowness is meant to correct the colour on your eyelid leaving you with a nice, even coloured base ready for eyeshadow! It also acts as a primer to keep that eyeshadow and the primer itself, on all day. It’s also really good for concealing. As well as my eyelid, I also apply this under my eye and it does a great job of evening out and hiding those pesky dark circles; all I do after is pop only a tiny bit of concealer on top of that and viola! You’re good to go!
You can wear this on it’s own but I found, personally for me, it’s too yellow to be worn alone and I’ve also found it creases slightly, but it doesn’t crease when you have eyeliner or shadow on top of it. As for a the primer? Both my eyeshadow and eyeliner stay on all day when I’m wearing this! In fact, I was so amazed! Usually, by the end of the day my eyeliner is smudged all over my eyes but with this, no smudging at all!
I always just take this and dab it on with my finger before blending out. I normally hate to use my fingers for makeup but this is near impossible to apply with a brush. I then wait about 30 seconds to a minute before applying any eyeshadow. 
This is one of my best buys from Benefit! I love that it’s a primer, concealer and colour corrector all in one nifty little product! Very versatile! I feel as if this wakes me up aswell, all that redness from sleeping is gone and I feel I look better just by using this product, what more could you want really?!

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