Benefit “Easiest Nudes Ever” Palette

I absolutely adore eyeshadow palettes; all the pretty eyeshadows that all combine perfectly together, the cute packaging and the fact that they’re all in one thing. Benefit, without a doubt, is one of my favourite make up brands out there, sometimes ridiculously expensive but they just have the most amazing products that just stay favourite for a lifetime. Despite my undying love for them, I’ve never tried their eyeshadows but when I saw the new ‘World Famous Neutrals’ palettes and after having some of their new colour range applied, I just knew I had to purchase one. I’m a neutral girl at heart when it comes to eye colour, sadly, I’m not very good with eyeshadow, (I blame my dyspraxia but I’m sure it’s just lack of skill really…) so I stick to what’s easiest and less likely to get messy, or at least, more easy to fix.

‘World Famous Neutrals, Easiest Nudes Ever!’, comes with two creaseless cream shadows and then four longwear powder shadows. I just love the fact that there’s a mix of cream shadows and powder, you rarely see that and I think that’s just a perfect combination as powder goes so intense alongside a cream eyeshadow.
The two cream shadows are ‘R.S.V.P’ and ‘No Pressure!’. ‘R.S.V.P’ is a soft, mousse brown colour with pink undertones, with some slight gold shimmer in and ‘No Pressure’ is darker brown with no shimmer at all. After trying the creaseless cream shadows when I went for a make up class at Benefit, I can tell you, these little guys are amazing! They have really strong pigmented colours and they last for hours and are easy and smooth to apply. I really, really liked them and I love that I now have two in my collection!
The four powder shadows are ‘Call My Bluff’, a shimmery, creamy yellow colour that almost looks out of place against the others, ‘Thanks a Latte’, a charcoal brown with lots of gold shimmer in it, ‘Pinky Swear’, a matte pink and ‘Quick, Look Busy’, a very dark, almost black, matte brown. I also tried some of these shadows at my make up day as well and these are just as good as the cream ones! Full of strong colour, build-able and they really do last for hours. Upon swatching, the yellow “Call My Bluff’ is alot like Topshop’s ‘Sunbeam’ highlighter, so whilst it looks yellow in the pan, it doesn’t transfer on the skin and I also found that “Pinky Swear” doesn’t really transfer on the skin either, though, I’m not too fused about this though as I doubt I would use it much anyway, though, it is a shame.
Benefit always out-do themselves on their packaging and you can see why! The box is just amazing and beautiful! What I love as well is that you can pull the shelf out easily leaving you a cute little box to store whatever in, very, very cute! The box is small enough to lug around though quite chunky, so you might have a little difficulty storing it in your make-up bag but the cream shadows come out anyway! You also get a little ‘tips and tricks’ booklet inside with two looks for you try, one for daytime and one for nighttime and finally, a small mirror!
Overall, this palette is the cutest, most adorable thing I’ve purchased recently! The colours are perfect, go well together and have the potential to be used a lot and the packaging just makes it all seem so wonderful! This was £23 which may seem pricey, but the fact you get two cream shadows and then four powder ones really makes up for the price, in my opinion, well worth it for something so versatile and pretty!
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