Mini ELF Haul!

As a so-called beauty blogger, I’m quite embarrassed to admit I have never purchased or owned anything from Elf make up! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard heaps about the brand but just never personally brought anything before, I much prefer going into a shop, seeing the colours and ranges for myself and swatching them, so to buy make-up straight from a website was very new to me. But the other day, I dipped my hand into the wonderful world of Elf! Sadly, as you can see in some of the photo’s above; some of the packaging was ruined and pulled about which was a shame but I’m sure it was in transit and not because of Elf themselves! Anyhoo, here is what I brought!

♥ Natural Lash Kit £1.50:
I am a massive false lash fan and they are my go-to beauty essential for any night out, meal out or just any occasion that could possibly require a little more oomph. Despite my love for lashes, I’m not the fan of the massive, thick TOWIE style lashes as I find they are just top-heavy and look a little silly on me so these natural ones looked perfect. In reality, they look really nice, a perfect length, not crazy long but not stupidly short and the thickness is just how I like it. The glue looks to be clear as well which is just awesome! I haven’t had the chance to test these out yet but I’m excited to see how they will look on especially as I’m stepping away from my trusty Eylure Katy Perry ones!

♥ Glossy Gloss ‘Pink Candy’ £3.75:
I’m really not a big fan of gloss at all and I rarely wear but I do like to keep some in my collection for those few moments I want a bit of shine. This one looked really nice as it’s not shimmery in any way and seems like the perfect pink which will go well with lots of my lipsticks! It also has a brush applicator which I personally prefer and it’s got incredible pigmentation! Now, as long as it’s not too sticky, we’ll get on just fine!

♥ Studio Blush ‘Candid Coral’ £3.75:
I realised recently that I don’t own that many blushes at all and I tend to stick to the same ones most of the time so I thought a cheap blush would be a good addition to my collection. I love soft coral colours on the cheeks as I personally feel these suit my skin tone better. Upon receiving at it and taking a close look, this isn’t very coral at all, in fact, I wouldn’t even go as far as to call it a coral. If anything, this looks a lot more like a bronzer and looks more golden when swatched which is a little disappointing but I’m sure that it will still look good, probably better with a bit of a tan, It’s also got quite a lot of shimmer in which I’m not the biggest fan of but I’m sure I can make this work one way of another.

♥ Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder ‘Turks and Calcos’ £3.75:
This is the product I was most excited about receiving. Tanya Burr raves about this and I don’t have a contouring kit so I thought this would be a nice addition. On first views, both the blush and bronzer are very, very shimmery and glittery, I personally would of preferred a slight shimmer on the blush and then a matte bronzer so I feel this will be more suitable for Summer nights. On the website, the blush looked a lot more pinker than what it actually is, it’s more of a gold with a slight peachy undertone to it but certainty not pink which is a let down. I personally think it will be too dark for me as a blush and the shimmer is just too much. The bronzer, based on swatches, is incredibly pigmented meaning that you would need a incredibly light hand for this as I can see this getting very messy ha! I also found this a little chalky. I worried at first if I would get any use out of this but maybe this could be used as eyeshadow instead? I’m not sure how well that would work really but they are two beautiful eyeshadow colours haha!

So overall, I was a little disappointed by only two of the products I have but I know Elf is very hit and miss which some people raving about certain products and then some absolutely hating them. The good thing about Elf is that the prices are cheap and delivery wasn’t a crazy price, just a little over £2. I found delivery wasn’t really fast and I got my box two days after I got the email telling me it was dispatched but apart from that, I think they’re stuff is quite nice. If you get the right things. Still, I’m very excited to try these out and see how well I can work with them!

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