Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I hope you’ve all had lovely days and all your lovely mum’s have been spoilt! 🙂
My family and I spent the day in London where we walked around some shops and went to my mum’s favourite Chinese restaurant. I also purchased some things (oppsies!). The trip was pleasant despite the bitterly cold weather, it was almost unbearable today! I decided to treat my mum to some Lush goodies! She is, safe to say, one of the biggest Lush fans going so I knew choosing a gift would be easy this year! After browsing through the many Mothers Day special’s, I settled on happiness (yes the wheel sold it for me…) as it had a unique selection that wasn’t just shower gel and bath bombs. I loved the selection of this, (here’s hoping my mum did too!) and the packaging is just beautiful and amazing, so much so I wouldn’t want to open it! 
Happy Mothers Day Mum! I love you!
L'Oreal Paris Top Coat Confetti || Swatches
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