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Yesterday I decided to take advantage of college being situated on a high street and the student discount! I popped into a few shops but I was surprised that I didn’t actually find much I liked! I also found that some shops were so expensive even Primark! I was shocked to see just a plain, casual grey jumper was £30 in New Look! But still, I did find some goodies and decided to share them with you. It’s nothing exciting, be warned! Haha. I also picked up a lovely make-up piece from Superdrug but that shall be mentioned in another post as it’s so lovely it deserves it own post!

Ok, so the first item of clothing is from Republic! I typically only go into Republic for dresses as I think they’re always wonderful and on trend and good prices. I don’t tend to buy tops and trousers from there as I think they can be overpriced but I couldn’t resist this top! I don’t own anything with lace and I just fell in love with this. I think the colour is lovely, and I really love the detailing on the lace. I think the gold zip down the back is a nice touch and I think this will look lovely with jeans and some ballet pumps with a leather jacket. I like that this is a thin white vest attached underneath the lace meaning I won’t have to flash my bra haha! This was £18 which I think was alright especially as I think I will get lots of wear out of this.

So the next top is a white, very thinly next top from New Look. I love this, I think this is perfect for a casual day paired with jeans and converse. I just love it. It’s simple but it can be dressed up with the right accessories. This was £15 which I think is very reasonable and again, I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this.

Last but never least, these earrings are also from Republic and aren’t they just the prettiest things?! I love their sets of earrings and I knew as soon as I saw these that I had to get them. Just look at the pink flowers! So beautiful. I think my favourites though are hearts, they’re just so pretty. I literally cannot wait to wear these and they were a brilliant £6.
So there we have it, my tiny little haul. I’m really quite happy with what I picked up and definitely think that all of this will get a lot of wear from me! Please note though, I used my student discount which means I paid less than the prices I posted so if you do have a student card, use it! I’ve made the mistake of not taking mine out before but seriously it can save you so much money, I mean, I saved a fiver in Republic! Brilliant!

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