Benefit They’re Real Mascara || REVIEW

Today I’m going to be reviewing the ‘They’re Real Mascara’ from Benefit! I have been wanting this for ages but got put off because of the hefty price tag (£18.50!) and didn’t think I needed it due to other, cheaper mascaras being just as good. But, I was in Benefit the other day and the temptation got the better of me and brought it. I also got a smaller travel one free as well which was quite good!

Is this mascara good? Yes. Does it give you a false lash effect? No. Well, not for me anyway. I’ve heard people absolutely rave about this but I’ve also read a few rants.

This mascara is jet black which for me, is something I love. My eyelashes are dark brown and i’m forever trying to make them darker with my mascaras and this does so effortlessly. I also noticed that this does lengthen a lot. I could definitely see a difference in the length of my lashes which was nice as I have very small/non-noticable lashes. Though, saying that, it took forever to actually build up the the length which is my first issue with this mascara. Usually I spend around 5-10 minutes on mascara in the morning but this takes a good 10 minutes longer to achieve the look I want. Another good thing is that this mascara does last around all day. I did find though that it can be quite flakey and the mascara actually weighs your eyelashes down meaning that if you have a curl in your lashes; it won’t really last. It does make my lashes look any ‘fuller’ and sometimes I’ve noticed they clump together and can end up looking like spiders legs very quickly.

I quite like the packaging, it feels very strong and sturdy and certainty stands out within my make-up. Obviously as the shell is reflective it picks up fingerprints easily but I can deal with that.

Still, for whatever reason, I do love this mascara. Maybe it’s just the fact it’s from Benefit? But it’s still a very good mascara, just doesn’t live up fully to the claims for me! Still, I’ve been reaching for it every day and if/when this runs out, I would be tempted to repurchase.

Have any of you ladies tried this mascara? What was your opinions on it?

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