Up At the 02!

Yesterday, I walked over the top of the 02 arena in London. For those of you who don’t know, the O2 has only recently started to offer this; giving you the chance to walk over the top of the ever so famous 02 arena. Yes, you actually get to walk over the legendary arena which has held host to thousands of stars over the years. Let me tell you, it’s an incredible experience and I would do it again tomorrow.

Whilst wearing your beautiful blue jumpsuit, you get attached to the wire and literally, walk over, the floor is like a trampoline so it’s very bouncy and can make you feel quite uneasy and uncomfortable because the only thing that’s keeping you on there is the wire, there is nothing on the sides, nothing. Certainly not one for people with a fear of heights!

The best thing about this is that once you get to the viewing platform, you’re let off the wire and allowed to walk around, take pictures and just take it the whole view. My favourite part of the view was that you could see the Olympic Stadium in which I did fangirl for a second.
Then, you get attached back on and make your way down, which is very, very steep! You then get the chance to buy your movie of the climb (for £10) which in my opinion is very, very expensive for a short clip (1:30) of a very low-quality video.

Overall, this was an experience and day I will never, ever forget and I couldn’t be happier that I’ve done it.

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