The Body Shop Goodies || Mini Haul

Don’t you just love The Body Shop and their deals?! I know I do! The Body can actually be quite expensive and sometimes I don’t think you get enough product for what you are paying for but with the deals they seem to always have on offer, it makes everything worthwhile and you can get some really amazing skincare, haircare, spa and make up products! There is literally something for every skintype, every problem, every hair type and every person!

I got an email yesterday informing me of some deals which included 20% off and 50% off. One of the best things about the The Body Shop is that you can combine deals which most other places don’t allow you too. On the website, they were also doing a deal where if you spend over £5.00 you can get a free night or day cream. As well as that, I also have The Body Shop card meaning I received a further 10% off my order. All in all, I ended up paying just £6 for two products and delivery. Bargain? I think so! Here’s what I brought.
♥ Pink Grapefruit Body Mist: I love body mists. I already have one of their cheaper body shops which I love so I knew I had to get another one. I find body mists a lot more pleasant that perfume. Perfume is not only expensive but I find that most of it is too strong and only tend to wear it on special occasions. A body mist is perfect for Summer and for daily use as it’s beautiful smelling and lasts for hours yet isn’t so strong it gives you a headache. I love fruity, sweet smells so I knew it would smell amazing and I must say; it does! Lovely! The bottle feels very luxurious and expensive as well which is nice!

♥ Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment: As you can see, this is tiny haha! I didn’t expect to be so small but that’s ok because it was free so who am I to complain? At least I can try it and buy it bigger if I like it. Anyway, in my last Body Shop Haul, I picked up quite a few of the Seaweed products, let me tell you, I love them! They have done wonders for my skin, I will be doing a full review very soon on those aswell but I still want more use out of them first to give a honest review. Like the other products from the range, this smells amazing, fresh and like summer! The seaweed range is ideal for people with oily/combination skin and this product claims to balance excess oils whilst moistrisies. Ooh, exciting! I can’t wait to give this a try and will be applying it before bed after removing my makeup.

So there we have it! I do recommend giving the website a quick visit and checking out some of their amazing offers! Yay! 😀

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