How to spot fake Mac Dazzleglass

So, the other weekend, I went to my local bootsale with my parents. Nothing much caught my eye until I saw a stand selling lots of Benefit and Mac makeup. I was quite shocked – it looked more like a market stall compared to a Bootsale stall. (Bootsale – stuff people have owned and no longer want – Market – new stuff they’ve brought just to sell) but me being stupid, I brought a Mac Dazzleglass for £6 and Hoola from Benefit for £8. (I will be doing a separate post once I have brought the real Hoola.)

I have marked the fake Dazzleglass with a red dot.

If you’re wondering why, which I have no doubt you are; the woman persuaded me. She made out she buys the make up in bulk which works out better value and then sells some stuff on which is why I thought it would be real. Of course, the price was just silly money but I figured that she would make loads therefore didn’t need to charge a lot.

Now, I’ve never brought a Mac Dazzleglass, or even looked probably at them because of the price so I didn’t know typically what one would look like. I picked up one that said ‘Like Venus’ which was a pale pink with barely any ‘dazzle’ to it. I didn’t thing anything of it, as the colour was nice and brought it.

Upon getting home, I started to have my suspicions about it.

♥ These are normally £17 online. I paid £6 which is really, really, really cheap for it.
♥ The packaging felt really cheap and with all the Mac products I’ve ever brought, I’ve never ever thought the packaging felt cheap. It also picked up dirt easily which I’ve never experienced before with Mac packaging.
♥ The barcode was different from other Mac Packaging. This could possibly be that she got it from another country but I was still unsure as I haven’t seen if the barcodes are different elsewhere.
♥ There was random silver sticker that was nothing like the Mac sticker.
♥ Every lip product tends to smell/taste of Vanilla – this was extremely chemical.
 ♥ No dazzle or even pigment.

I hurried online and tried to look it up. The colour was nothing like what Mac described on their website and what I could see from pictures, the colour was completely different to the real ‘Like Venus’. I soon learned that ‘Like Venus’ was such a common name that fake dazzleglass’s have. I quickly rubbed this off my lips and brought the real ‘Like Venus’ from Mac so I could compare.

Well, it arrived today and let me tell you this – it’s COMPLETELY different. The real ‘Like Venus’ is this amazing, pigmented, sparkly pinky purple with red and blue undertones and is quite literally, amazing. I’m so glad I trusted and went with my instincts to buy the real one as opposed to using the fake; after all, god knows what is in it, I don’t like not truly knowing what I’m applying to my lips – more so when there is a risk I could digest it.

I’m not sure if the seller herself knew that the makeup she is selling was fake, but I will taking both the fake and real one back, informing her of the fake and I will ask for a full refund if she’s even there. She told me she would be back so i’m taking my chances and going back. From now on, I will never ever buy a Mac product from anywhere apart from their website, their stores or department stores and I really recommend you do the same – you really do not know what is actually in these ‘fakes’. It’s disgusting.

Well, I’ve learnt my lesson! I know there is a massive temptation as Mac is so expensive but trust me, it’s really not worth it AT ALL.

Please be careful, here are some tips on how to avoid fake Mac or how to know if one is fake:

♥ Mac Dazzleglasses all have a very distinctive Vanilla smell and taste.
♥ Look out for cheap, faded packaging.
♥ Look for the official Mac sticker on the tube.
♥ Compare the packaging with other Mac packaging – check for spelling mistakes, different ‘logo’s etc.
♥ A dazzleglass will be very ‘dazzley’ and sparkly.
♥ It will have a strong pigment and will last on your lips for a few hours.
♥ Remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

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