Favourite Make-Up Products!

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Because today is my study day off of college and seeing as I have no coursework I should be doing, I decided to go through my make-up collection and get rid of the real old stuff and stuff that has run out that for whatever reason I have placed back, (quite alot of this! Haha). So when going through, I decided I would do a post dedicated to my favourite make-up products that I currently own!  Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Next: Oh So Blusher
Now, yes, this blusher is from Next and I literally only brought it because I had run out out blusher/bronzer and I just couldn’t resist the fact that it was £4 and looked rather pretty.  But this really surprised me, it’s lovely! It is shimmery but it’s absolutely a beautiful colour and gives a really wonderful glow. I love it. The only problem for me is that I dropped it and it did break which means every time I open it I drop a bit each time so tend to just leave it nowadays. (How lazy?!) But after trying it on again today I just fell back in love with it and have a feeling it will once again become my daily blusher. Actually, all of Next’s cosmetic range is really nice so if you are looking for lovely products that are not that expensive I really recommend you checking it out!

Sleek Makeup – Eyeshadow Palette in Storm 578
Oh my gosh, this is possibly one the best eyeshadow palettes I have ever tried! The colours are so pigmented and such a beautiful range. Quite a few months before I purchased this I brought one of their lipsticks and whilst it looked fantastic (I hadn’t worn it) and the swatch looked amazing, the actual lipstick, when on the lips, was a horrible shade and was so so dry, I was really disappointed. Which put me off buying their products again but after months of staring at their eyeshadow palettes in Superdrug I decided to go for it and get one. And boy, am I glad I did! The colours are wonderful and this palette has a good mixture of matte and shimmery colours. I mainly use this palette to achieve a smokey eye on a night out! I really recommend!

Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon – No.6

I’ve never tried any Barry M products before this and this just made me fall in love with the brand! I was really intrigued by their collection of Lip Lacquer Crayon’s and never seen or try anything like it! I picked number 6 as as it was the perfect pink in my opinion. I also love that it’s a little glittery as well which makes it perfect for a night out! I feel that this also moisturises the lips and doesn’t dry out, it also lasts for a very long time! The only thing that slightly upsets me is that it get’s blunt quickly which is why I turned to lipgloss and lipstick for night’s out but I have a feeling I will be using this again soon!

L’oreal Paris – Blush in 115 True Rose

This is my all time favourite blush to wear throughout the day. Whilst it is shimmery, you can barely see it and the colour is just perfect so it looks really natural which I want. Beautiful product.

And here are some other products that I use daily! I won’t go into detail about these as I will blogging about them all later! Enjoy!

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