Hello! :3

Epp, well, here’s my new blog!
I am no stranger to Blogspot, I’ve used it before, but I’m so used to the likes of Tumblr, that well, it’s taking me a while to used it again but I’m getting there! 🙂
Anyway, I’m Abbi and this is my blog on everything beauty and fashion. Now, I might not the most fashionable person ever, I may not follow all the trends, but I think I have OK style. Quite frankly, if I like something and I think I am going to wear it, I shall get it. 🙂
I’ll also be reviewing/voicing my opinions on some beauty products – may even be some tutorials aswell – who knows! 🙂
Hope you all enjoy visiting my blog! 🙂
Twitter – @_SimplyAbbi
Tumblr – http://simply-abbii.tumblr.com
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